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Escape Room Team Building Activities Calgary

Looking for an activity for your next corporate team-building event? Struggling to find new team-building activities in Calgary for your team?

Escape rooms have quickly become a popular destination as a team-building activity, and for good reason! 

Beyond getting out of the office, having fun with your co-workers, and getting to know your team better, escape games require all players to work together and communicate effectively to solve the challenges ahead. 

Take your team building to the next level with an escape room experience!

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Escape Room Team Building is Great For:

  • Birthdays
  • Companies
  • Non-Profits
  • Stags
  • Stagettes
  • Sports Teams
  • Families

Your Group will Benefit From:

  • Problem Solving
  • Collaboration
  • Fun
  • Enhanced Communication
  • Bonding
  • Trust
  • Common Purpose

An Escape Room Team Building Experience

An Escape Room is a blend of a live-action puzzle experience. The team of players are placed in a themed room where they are given a game scenario and mission. The team then has to solve a series of puzzles and riddles, find hints and clues in the room, and ultimately complete the mission to ‘escape’ the room (don’t worry, you won’t actually be locked inside a room!).  

While the clock is ticking, the team of players has to work collaboratively towards a common goal: solving the puzzles to complete the mission in the escape room. 

An escape room game is an intense, exciting experience that is unlike any other team-building activity!

Escape Rooms are the perfect team building activity

If you’re jaded with the same old team-building exercises, why not try an escape game instead?

While company BBQs and parties are great for socializing and showing appreciation for the work your team has put in, they rarely put your team’s problem-solving abilities to the test. Unlike traditional team-building exercises, escape games are lots of fun and really allows for bonding among co-workers while they’re challenged with solving puzzles and searching for the next clue,  

Both new and seasoned teams can benefit from taking part in an exciting and extraordinary experience that puts your teamwork skills to the test, lets you get to know your co-workers better, and create experiences that extend far beyond the game itself.

Benefits of Escape ops Team Building

While many fans of escape rooms play recreationally, an escape room game is also an ideal team-building exercise. 

The games are far from a bland group activity or traditional team-building exercise. Instead, an escape room is an adventurous and exciting way to quickly forge a strong bond between co-workers and provide valuable lessons that can be brought back to the workplace.


Teamwork is one of the most critical elements of completing an escape game. Without participation from all players, the team won’t be able to solve all the puzzles in time. It’s also a test of how well the team is able to split up tasks between them, identify and leverage their own and others’ strengths, and communicate ideas and strategy. In the escape room, the players are forced to work together towards a shared goal. Mimicking the real world in a low-risk environment helps team members take away lessons about their team dynamics and ideas on how to improve teamwork when they’re back in the workplace.

Improve Communication

Great communication is the basis for a well-functioning team. Practicing communication skills in an environment where the stakes are low (depending on how competitive you are!) and in a high-intensity setting is a great way to get new insights about team communication and performance under pressure. Is your team losing valuable time because they are redoing tasks? Is the team sharing strategies that have been tested unsuccessfully? These are just a few easily-transferable lessons on how effective communication can improve productivity. Making sure that you communicate well with your teammates about the task at hand, sharing insights with the team, and encouraging others to contribute are essential for success in both the escape room and the workplace.

Find Strengths and Weaknesses

In a unique team-building experience, the players may be pushed a bit out of their comfort zone. That’s a good thing! Faced with new, tricky tasks while the clock is running, could bring to light new traits and qualities among team members. You might realize that one of your coworkers is a superstar delegator and another is a mastermind when it comes to logical thinking. Regardless of what happens during the escape game, your team will finish the game knowing a lot more about each other than when they started!


You can often learn more about your co-workers through playing a 1-hour game than you would through 10 years of working together. After playing an escape room game with your team, you will be able to translate the experience of playing together collaboratively from the escape room to the meeting room. Your co-workers are able to demonstrate their different talents and skills while solving puzzles together. That way, your team is better able to trust each others’ abilities one you’re back in the office or workplace.

Sharing a

Work has its ups and downs. Winning contracts, proposals, and projects is a shared victory in most workplaces, just like any losses. In its own way, an escape game mimics this quest for a shared goal and lets all team members contribute to the larger mission. It can be beneficial for all types of corporate groups to experience the impact of winning or losing together in a different setting. No matter what, you’re in it together. What better way to truly feel part of the team?

Convenient and Inclusive

Whereas other outdoor team building activities can take a lot of preparation and are weather dependent, you can easily plan an escape room team-building activity all year round. You need no props or equipment, so you can just get straight to playing. While your brain will get plenty of exercise, there are no physical requirements to play. Maybe one of your team members isn’t comfortable with the idea of axe throwing or has a disability that prevents them from taking part in more physically-demanding team-building activities. Escape room games are a perfect, inclusive activity that’s a good fit for all types of team members.

Affordable team building Activity in Calgary

Let’s face it: team-building activities can be really expensive! An escape room is an effective and budget-friendly way to foster team-bonding. No matter the size of your team and your team building budget, an escape game is a convenient outing that will boost the morale and productivity of your team in just 60 minutes. 

The bill adds up fast for other types of corporate events and team-building activities such as dinner theatres, archery games, go-kart racing, and other sports activities. With an escape game, all you have to worry about is the cost of admission.

With all the advantages of playing an escape game, why not plan to go for your next corporate team-building event?

Memorable Team Building Experiences

We believe the escape game experience extends far beyond the game, and our experienced game masters take great care of how they run each game. 

At Escape Ops, we do not treat our games like an assembly line. Instead, each game experience is tailored to the team playing. One of our goals is to find that sweet spot in the difficulty curve so that everyone can enjoy the game regardless of experience level or the generation they grew up in. 

We offer escape games that are specially designed with larger groups in mind, and our team can successfully accommodate almost any group size. Whether you are planning a team-building event for a smaller team or a whole company, we’ll work with you to make sure we accommodate the needs of your team and your event is the best it can be!

One of the best things about participating with a group is that the moment you find yourself struggling, other team members have their time to shine. Playing together is the fastest way to create a lasting and impactful team-bonding experience, no matter what type of team you have and what profession you’re in.

Large Groups and Parties

What better way to get the party started than with an escape game!

We welcome any large group and private events such as stags and stagettes, sports team parties, and birthday parties. We’ll make sure that we set the perfect stage for your party, and we’re able to tailor each game to the specific needs of your group. There are no prerequisites or special equipment needed for playing an escape game, which makes it a great activity across generations and for all skill levels. All you need is an inquisitive mind, a sense of adventure, and above all: be ready to have a ton of fun! 

Escape rooms are a perfect and inexpensive way for your group to quickly form a strong bond. Whether you are a group of long-time friends or a mix of people that still are getting to know each other, an escape game has a unique ability to bring out new sides in people. That way, escape games can serve an effective icebreaker when your party has just gotten together. The shared memories from the game will give your guests something to talk and laugh about for the rest of the day – and in the years to come!

Our passionate and dedicated staff will make sure that the game is set up specifically for your group or party. At Escape Ops, we have the unique ability to tailor our games to effectively run beyond the game’s capacity. We’ve had great success accommodating special corporate bookings with 30+ players, and we can work with you to set up the games for your group. 

Please note that we don’t offer any catering, party rooms or event spaces. We focus on what we do really well: creating an amazing escape room experience!

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