Escape Ops


Escape to the future in this mind-blowing sci-fi game where your team is tasked with saving an invaluable research spacecraft from drifting into a black hole.

Game Synopsis

The Federation has received a distress signal from our head research vessel, Tranquility. A severe solar storm has disrupted its automatic flight systems, leaving it stranded in a perilous situation and forcing the crew to deploy the emergency shuttle.

The team aboard Tranquility was attempting to adapt a known alien warp technology for use on federation ships. Between the data stored on the servers and the experience of its technicians, the ship encompasses a wealth of invaluable knowledge that is crucial to the growth of our enterprise.

There is no time to waste as Tranquility is slowly drifting towards a black hole. Your squadron has been tasked to board Tranquility in an effort to restore it to operational condition and bring it back to headquarters before it is lost. Finishing and activating the warp drive is your best option. Engage!

Why You Don't Want to Miss This Game

This stunning, futuristic game design is inspired by the sci-fi movies Star Wars and Serenity, and sets the perfect stage for an immersive escape game experience. Down to the last detail, this room design will make you feel as if you’re boarding a real spacecraft. In fact, the escape room is so authentic that it was used as a movie set for scenes in a short film by SAIT’s film program.

Specifically designed for large groups, this escape game is perfect for team-building events, birthday parties, and other group events.

Game Details

Suggested Group Size

5 - 9 Players are recommended.


60 Minutes


Intermediate - Advanced

Recommended Age

Ages 15+ are recommended*.

* While our games aren’t scary and don’t include adult content, this game is designed for players 15 and older. We welcome players younger than 15 but ask that there’s a parent or guardian playing alongside them.