Escape Ops

Dynamic Duo

2 Person Escape Room in Calgary

In Calgary’s only 2-player escape game, the future of our planet relies on how well you work together!

Game Synopsis

We have received intel that Earth is in danger and we must quickly assemble a team to change the future. Work together with a partner to retrieve a powerful artifact that can prevent Earth from falling into peril. 

Tucked away in the most unusual of hiding places, an artifact capable of manipulating time has been stowed away to ensure the forces of evil cannot abuse its power. It’s too dangerous to go alone, so make sure to bring a partner. You are going to have to communicate effectively and take on the challenge as a pair, to successfully bring back the artifact to prove your worth as Earth’s greatest Dynamic Duo!

Why You Don't Want to Miss This Game

If you have been looking for a 2-player, immersive escape game, this is for you. In other live-action breakout escape room experiences, you either have to pair up with strangers or pay for the remaining unfilled slots. Not here! 

While many escape games cater to corporate events, corporate team building events, birthday parties, and other large groups, this is the only 2 player game in Calgary – maybe even in Alberta or Canada. Set in a very untraditional environment, Dynamic Duo is specifically made for 2 and ONLY 2 players. The puzzles are designed in a way that requires both players to be involved in the game-play to solve this exciting room escape.

Our team members are passionate about playing escape games and have found that their friends are sometimes not quite as crazy about them as they are. We decided that we would create a unique 2-player escape game as a love letter to those players. So bring your partner, a friend, or a co-worker. Challenge your real-life teamwork skills, and have a lot of fun together.

Game Details

Suggested Group Size

2 (Two) Players Only. Great for dates and friends.


60 Minutes


The game concept is unique and is a good fit for both first-time and advanced players.

Recommended Age

Ages 15+ are recommended*.

* While our games aren’t scary and don’t include adult content, this game is designed for players 15 and older. We welcome players younger than 15 but ask that there’s a parent or guardian playing alongside them.