Escape Ops


Power, courage, Wisdom

Game Synopsis

Worthy heroes, you have been chosen by the goddesses and sent to us in our time of need. Malevolent forces all across the land have started performing rituals in an attempt to resurrect the Lord of Malice. We call upon you to conquer the shrine trial once braved by the Hero of Legend to restore the goddess’ blessing and seal the evil away once again.

Our hopes rest in you.

Why You Don't Want to Miss This Game

Our latest game launched mid 2021! 

This is game is our love letter to one of the most beloved video game franchises in the world. Shrine includes the best elements/mechanics from all the games we’ve designed previously and we’ve even included another special design challenge: This is also a game that utilizes no traditional letter or number locks found in your traditional escape room experienceOnce again you do not need any prior knowledge of the theme to be able to play and enjoy it. Think of it as a fantasy dungeon puzzle experience!   


Game Details

Suggested Group Size

2 - 6 Players


60 Minutes


All Skill Levels

Recommended Age

Ages 15+ are recommended*.

* While our games aren’t scary and don’t include adult content, this game is designed for players 15 and older. We welcome players younger than 15 but ask that there’s a parent or guardian playing alongside them.