Escape Ops

Ops Cognition

Go on a thrilling, secret mission, inside the mind!

Game Synopsis

The capture of an elusive criminal is only the beginning…

The infamous “Shakespeare” has been responsible for data breaches on an international scale, and it’s up to you and a team of agents to uncover his infiltration methods. As an ally in our war against cyber outlaws, you will be granted access to A.R.E.S, a groundbreaking piece of technology in counterintelligence. This system will allow you to descend into the mind of our subject to extract secrets hidden within his memory.

Why You Don't Want to Miss This Game

This mind-bending game is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before!

As our debut experience, we wanted the game to be awe-inspiring from start to finish. From the unique architecture of the room to the puzzles, this game won’t feel like any other escape room experience.

When designing this game, our team was inspired by the movie Inception and the idea of being able to dive into someone’s mind to access their memories. You don’t need any knowledge of the film to play. If you want to experience a game that’s completely extraordinary and unique, this experience is for you.

Game Details

Suggested Group Size

4 - 8 Players


60 Minutes


All Skill Levels

Recommended Age

Ages 15+ are recommended*.

* While our games aren’t scary and don’t include adult content, this game is designed for players 15 and older. We welcome players younger than 15 but ask that there’s a parent or guardian playing alongside them.