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Challenge What You've Come to Expect from an Escape Room

Join us for an unparalleled Calgary Escape Room Experience that everyone
from beginners to seasoned vets will enjoy. 

We value quality, creative innovation, and doing it all with unrivaled passion.

With a blank canvas to carry out our vision, we were able to design our escape games from scratch with logic, depth, and immersion at the forefront. This allows us to offer the best escape rooms in Calgary, Alberta.

Our mission statement is simple: Escape Ops is here to deliver an unparalleled puzzle experience.


Calgary Escape Rooms

Ops Cognition

The Element of Surprise
  • 4-8 Players
  • 60 Minutes
Our First Game!

Dynamic DUO

Calgary’s Only 2 Player Escape Room
  • 2 Players
  • 60 Minutes


Get Ready to Enter Hyperspace
  • 5-9 Players
  • 60 Minutes
Large Groups!
Escape Ops Shrine Escape Room in Calgary


Power, Courage, Wisdom
  • 2-6 Players
  • 60 Minutes
Our latest game!

Escape Room Calgary

See Why People Love Our Escape Rooms

Our reviews speak for themselves. We have over 50 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor, and 200+ 5-star reviews on Google! Let us prove to you that we are the right choice by booking a game with us. Then you can brag to your friends and family that you were the latest to play in the best Calgary escape room!

Stefan Kurbatfinski
Stefan Kurbatfinski
16:48 13 Jun 24
Such a great experience! The manager Dan was lovely and the puzzles were so uniquely designed. I am eager to go again. Highly recommend.
Steve Parker
Steve Parker
11:44 13 Jun 24
My group booked the three main rooms - Cognition, Shrine and Hyperspace back to back. Each room was excellent, but Shrine and Hyperspace stood out. Both of them are now in my personal top 5, with Shrine possibly being my favourite overall - and we've completed (I'm guessing...) 20-25 rooms at various places.The ambiance was great, and Shrine took it to a whole new level with lighting, sound and actions. Absolutely incredible experience.Shrine's puzzles absolutely felt completely on theme, and one in particular felt 10000% right out of the inspiration. Hyperspace legitimately made you feel like a crew on a derelict spaceship frantically trying to get it running to escape oncoming danger.Our hosts Tess and Hunter (I hope I got your names right) were excellent. Very personable and friendly, they walked us through the room setups and showed us some cool things. They took a group photo at the completion of each room which was nice.Our hosts flipped out booking around a little to put Cognition first, and I'm really glad they did. As it was their first room and a little older it was outshone by the following rooms, but, that said - do not skip this room. The puzzles are a good level, and it has a few really (spoilery: really, REALLY) good surprises up it's sleeve. Cognition is being retired soon, so you should play it while it is still available.With a brand new room coming soon, I'm genuinely disappointed I'm not a Calgary native because I can't wait to see what they do with it. If it is on the same level, or possibly higher, than Shrine or Hyperspace it will be another amazing experience that needs to be done.Overall, Escape Ops was an absolute 'must do' experience for escape room fans, and a 'must try' for anyone wanting to experience an escape room for the first time.
Isfar Hasan
Isfar Hasan
15:10 29 May 24
Sandra Lee
Sandra Lee
19:46 08 May 24
So much fun!
Jessica Ryan
Jessica Ryan
04:34 05 May 24
Wonderful staff!! Great experience for the whole family!
Chase Last
Chase Last
04:16 05 May 24
Great place! Great staff!
Annie Feng
Annie Feng
02:34 03 May 24
2018 December: Yeah. Cognition was THE best escape room i have ever done. Before this was chaos effect at trapped, which we escaped only 2 hours prior. The owners are AMAZING, kind, and genuinely passionate about escape rooms. We only had the one night in town to fit this in, on a whim, recommended to us by a guy at trapped, at 9:30pm. Escape Ops opened a late room especially for us, and Dan was the most curteous and graceful host to our party of 7 adults + 1 infant. The art for sale there were from local canadian artists, and i wouldve bought one if we had any room left in our luggage.I have already recommended this place to all of my friends in town. The amount of care, planning, and work that went into the room is mind-blowing. If they had a patreon page where i can pay $5/month to vote on escape room ideas and ensure the place stays in business for my next christmas visit i would throw money at you. Thank you for a wonderful night! #DreamTeam :)2024 May update: just completed my collection! I've now done all the rooms at Escape Ops! Last June I recommended we book out the whole venue for a party of 30 and I did two of their rooms in one day that way. After this many years, cognition is still THE best room I've ever done, though I hear they've made changes to it. Go do it while it's still around, but I'm also looking forward to see what they come up with next 😊
Greg E
Greg E
00:54 27 Apr 24

An Escape Experience at Escape Ops is Like No Other

best escape room calgary

Ranked Among the Best Escape Rooms in The World

In 2019 Escape Ops was ranked the 17th Best Escape Room in the World out of 100. We’re proud to offer an elite, yet approachable, escape room experience right here in Calgary that both novices and veteran alike will enjoy.

Calgary Escape Room

Our Rooms are Built from Scratch

It was important for us to tear down and start with a blank canvas. By starting fresh we had the advantage of drawing up a blueprint that fits our creative vision. The end result is an unprecedented level of immersion in the locked rooms we offer. We always strive to create unique experiences and love taking on the creative challenge.

authentic escape room

Authentic Gaming Experience

At Escape Ops we offer a number of differently themed rooms. We know nothing can break the sense of immersion faster than out-of-place objects or props. We believe that any props or tools used in the aid of exploring our escape room experiences should mimic a real life scenario and feel like it can realistically exist in the same space or narrative.

escape room team

Genuinely Passionate Team

From day one, we set out to build a legacy for Escape Ops. That meant taking the time to develop something different and awe-inspiring when you first enter our games. We simply love what we do and take immense pride in creating and sharing an exceptional experience.

team building calendar


Our caring and invested staff brings a different take to the Calgary escape room experience. This makes Escape Ops a perfect place for birthday parties, corporate team building, date nights and more. Our team will go above and beyond to ensure your special event is as enjoyable as possible. Escape rooms are our passion and we strive to provide not only quality and immersive room escapes but unmatched service as well. Bring in your co-workers for a team building event or plan your next party with us, you won’t regret it.


The majority of our bookings are made online through our website. We do accept phone bookings 1-2 hours before an available slot. We can be reached at (403) 669-6332.

All our bookings are private so you don’t have to worry about strangers being added to your game.

Our experience is best suited for players 15 years or older.

No, as a safety precaution all of our scenarios are designed so participants can leave the way they entered. 

Please arrive 10 – 15 minutes before your start time. This is especially important if you have not done an escape room before.

All our games are designed to be different from each other and our priority is the fairness of a given puzzle. We make sure at least 80% of individuals can make the connection and understand the puzzle tasks being presented. We tweak and modify our games as necessary to meet this standard and are always ready to provide assistance during a game.

Full refunds are provided to cancellations with at least 24 hours notice. Get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can work with you. No-shows without any notice are non-refundable.

Absolutely! Please contact us so that we can customize a game to suit your needs.

Our Privacy policy and waiver can be found here: Terms and Conditions