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Kevin Seel
Kevin S.
04:07 22 Jul 24
Went to the Dynamic Duo room today. Amazing experience all round, from the initial waiver signs to exiting the building. Would 100% recommend every couple that enjoys escape rooms try the Dynamic Duo room, it’s different in such a fantastic way that more escape rooms shouldincorporate the approach to obtaining clues. Fantastic.
Elizabeth Finzel
Elizabeth F.
03:31 17 Jul 24
Can’t recommend this place enough! Staff were AMAZING! So friendly and fun. We loved the dynamic duo escape room - it was challenging enough, but not frustrating. Great variety in the puzzles. We will definitely be back to try out the Zelda themed room. Can’t wait!
Bianca Dayrit
Bianca D.
22:23 16 Jul 24
First, I'd like to mention how invested and fun the staff were. They were engaging right from the get go, and patient with our stupid quips, haha. We tried the Dynamic Duo, as my partner and I always want to try escape rooms with just the two of us, but hard to do in 4-8 people rooms. We were able to finish, with only a couple minutes to spare, and every single second was challenging and fun. I definitely would recommend that room for pairs, as I know it may be the only one in the city!The room itself was super cool, and I hope to try another one at this establishment again! Thank you!
Brett Zenne
Brett Z.
20:36 14 Jul 24
Did dynamic duo escape room, the puzzles were really creative and fun. Staff was great and friendly. Loved the theme.
Hadi Faraz
Hadi F.
02:55 13 Jul 24
We did the Hyperspace room with 6 people and it was a lot of fun. Highly recommend it if you have enough people.
Glenn McCormick
Glenn M.
16:09 07 Jul 24
My wife and I have done a good number of escape rooms and this one left a good impression on us. We did the Shrine room and you can easily tell a lot of thought and creativity went into this one. We are guilty of overthinking at times so we had a challenge, but overall this was a really great experience and a load of fun. We will be going back to try the other rooms.
Brett Jensen
Brett J.
00:30 18 Jun 24
We escaped!!! Thanks to Zeke, really. Wonderful staff, a very challenging puzzle and a great time. We did hyperspace.
Kayla Gibbins
Kayla G.
06:10 16 Jun 24
Stefan Kurbatfinski
Stefan K.
16:48 13 Jun 24
Such a great experience! The manager Dan was lovely and the puzzles were so uniquely designed. I am eager to go again. Highly recommend.
Steve Parker
Steve P.
11:44 13 Jun 24
My group booked the three main rooms - Cognition, Shrine and Hyperspace back to back. Each room was excellent, but Shrine and Hyperspace stood out. Both of them are now in my personal top 5, with Shrine possibly being my favourite overall - and we've completed (I'm guessing...) 20-25 rooms at various places.The ambiance was great, and Shrine took it to a whole new level with lighting, sound and actions. Absolutely incredible experience.Shrine's puzzles absolutely felt completely on theme, and one in particular felt 10000% right out of the inspiration. Hyperspace legitimately made you feel like a crew on a derelict spaceship frantically trying to get it running to escape oncoming danger.Our hosts Tess and Hunter (I hope I got your names right) were excellent. Very personable and friendly, they walked us through the room setups and showed us some cool things. They took a group photo at the completion of each room which was nice.Our hosts flipped out booking around a little to put Cognition first, and I'm really glad they did. As it was their first room and a little older it was outshone by the following rooms, but, that said - do not skip this room. The puzzles are a good level, and it has a few really (spoilery: really, REALLY) good surprises up it's sleeve. Cognition is being retired soon, so you should play it while it is still available.With a brand new room coming soon, I'm genuinely disappointed I'm not a Calgary native because I can't wait to see what they do with it. If it is on the same level, or possibly higher, than Shrine or Hyperspace it will be another amazing experience that needs to be done.Overall, Escape Ops was an absolute 'must do' experience for escape room fans, and a 'must try' for anyone wanting to experience an escape room for the first time.
Isfar Hasan
Isfar H.
15:10 29 May 24
Tyrannosaurus Of Doom
Tyrannosaurus Of D.
19:46 08 May 24
So much fun!
Jessica Ryan
Jessica R.
04:34 05 May 24
Wonderful staff!! Great experience for the whole family!
Chase Last
Chase L.
04:16 05 May 24
Great place! Great staff!
Annie Feng
Annie F.
02:34 03 May 24
2018 December: Yeah. Cognition was THE best escape room i have ever done. Before this was chaos effect at trapped, which we escaped only 2 hours prior. The owners are AMAZING, kind, and genuinely passionate about escape rooms. We only had the one night in town to fit this in, on a whim, recommended to us by a guy at trapped, at 9:30pm. Escape Ops opened a late room especially for us, and Dan was the most curteous and graceful host to our party of 7 adults + 1 infant. The art for sale there were from local canadian artists, and i wouldve bought one if we had any room left in our luggage.I have already recommended this place to all of my friends in town. The amount of care, planning, and work that went into the room is mind-blowing. If they had a patreon page where i can pay $5/month to vote on escape room ideas and ensure the place stays in business for my next christmas visit i would throw money at you. Thank you for a wonderful night! #DreamTeam :)2024 May update: just completed my collection! I've now done all the rooms at Escape Ops! Last June I recommended we book out the whole venue for a party of 30 and I did two of their rooms in one day that way. After this many years, cognition is still THE best room I've ever done, though I hear they've made changes to it. Go do it while it's still around, but I'm also looking forward to see what they come up with next 😊
Greg E
Greg E
00:54 27 Apr 24
Winterlights Cosplay
Winterlights C.
01:08 07 Apr 24
We went as a family to Escape Ops and did the Zelda themed room (called Shrine) and it was so fun! Loved all the game references and the atmosphere in general, challenging puzzles, the staff were so friendly and wonderful! Would definitely recommend this place, we look forward to going again!
06:12 22 Mar 24
Amy K
Amy K
03:46 21 Mar 24
We really enjoyed our experience. Escape room was well thought out and well organized. The staff is also absolutely amazing and attentive. We've been to a number of escape rooms and have been frustrated at some of these in the past when items don't work correctly or there are too many "red herrings", but this experience was wonderful. It has been our favorite escape room in Calgary, thank you for a wonderful adventure!
Jordan Lees
Jordan L.
16:29 17 Mar 24
Brielle Reeves
Brielle R.
03:41 05 Mar 24
Very fun, we did the Dynamic Duo room and it was a very fun time! It was a great level of difficulty for two people, we weren't ever stumped for too long but just enough to keep it fun. A good variety of puzzles and they were very engaging. The staff were very friendly and helpful, plus there's a very cute dog!
Kaigh Nugent
Kaigh N.
03:40 05 Mar 24
We did the Dynamic Duo room and it was very well done and entertaining room, engaging but not extremely difficult. Employees were excellent and very enthusiastic! Definitely recommend for a date night or duo experience!
Advance Web Solutions
Advance Web S.
21:45 04 Mar 24
A fun time great family activity. The staff is very kind and welcoming to new players which was great as well, definitely check it out!
19:22 03 Mar 24
This was my first 2 people escape room experience. I have done 9-10 escapes rooms before but all with multiple people. I loved the dynamic duo room because it can be done only with 2 people. The puzzles were so good and we both loved it so much! Need more escape rooms like this! Highly recommend! Great for a date night if you love solving puzzles.
Shaundelle Kajewski
Shaundelle K.
23:34 16 Feb 24
My friends and I were there almost 2 years ago. We have done many, MANY escape rooms since then. Escape Ops is still the absolute best; hands down! Can't wait to see a new room from them!
Angela Linares
Angela L.
21:52 13 Feb 24
Had a great experience here! Had a big group of 18 people in 2 rooms and they were able to accommodate us well and let us start at the same time. The staff were so friendly and helpful with the room introductions and hints. Overall it was a great time and we will definitely come here again!
Marvin Samuel Linares
Marvin Samuel L.
21:50 13 Feb 24
Great place. Had a bunch of fun. Definitely would go again!Thanks Escape Ops!
Jenna Ann
Jenna A.
04:01 14 Jan 24
Amazing puzzle, nearly cried during the intro cause it was so beautiful. We did The Shrine (Zelda Breath Of The Wild inspired) and it was super fun, brilliantly made and a great experience. Highly recommend, if you're a Zelda fan you have to try it!
rory kirkpatrick
rory K.
23:08 13 Jan 24
Angela Sinclair
Angela S.
22:07 13 Jan 24
Mike Schleppe
Mike S.
05:41 07 Jan 24
Did the dynamic duo escape room with my wife. It was a really fun date night. The facility was clean, puzzles were the right level of difficulty for a date, and the staff were great. Looking forward to trying some of their other rooms.
Jenny Kha
Jenny K.
23:59 31 Dec 23
Did the Dynamic Duo (superhero themed) room and had a great time. The staff were super, and the puzzles were clever and challenging. Overall a fantastic experience. Looking forward to trying their other rooms.
Chloe Streit
Chloe S.
19:58 31 Dec 23
Vicky N
Vicky N
06:48 31 Dec 23
Super fun Escape Room, and awesome staff! We did the hyperspace room with a group of 5, and it was tricky but rewarding when we figured out the puzzles.
Kamyar Najafian
Kamyar N.
08:29 11 Dec 23
We played shrine there and it was super cool. Staffs were very nice and friendly. The room was clean. Very positive experience for us.
Mehraun Ehsani
Mehraun E.
07:55 10 Dec 23
just great! played the shrine room and loved every second of it. beautiful creative puzzles, clean and neat room, washrooms and ambience. Super nice staff. I would definitely go there for more games and recommend it to everyone!
Matt H
Matt H
19:31 30 Nov 23
Kendra Vandenberg
Kendra V.
17:52 26 Nov 23
A fun and exciting experience! The lights and room decorations were amazing. The people there are lovely, and you can tell how much they love using their 3D printer 😁
Steffan G
Steffan G
01:13 21 Nov 23
We played the shrine and really enjoy the experience! Very cool puzzles and Zeke our game master was friendly, knowledgeable and overall fantastic! Would recommend escape ops in a heartbeat.
Anita Mannix
Anita M.
15:57 18 Nov 23
It was our first time to an Escape Room and I would recommend if it’s your first time too- go here!The staff is very friendly and helpful. We had to call in Hunter a few times and he never made us feel bad and he even cheered us on for how good we were doing!
Terence Ng
Terence N.
08:15 11 Nov 23
We had a fabulous time here. The staff were very friendly and accommodating. There is a lot of passion in the design of the rooms and puzzles. Highly recommended!
05:29 29 Oct 23
We've just gotten into the escape room thing. Stopped in here for the Shrine room, this was our third different game (and location), we'll be back to this one!Impressed with the room, extremely impressed with the building and the customer service. This is the first place we've gone to that doesn't look like a rundown building, was a comfortable atmosphere that we definitely won't mind coming back to.Also appreciate that they are original games here! We've already recommended the room/location 🙂
Jacen Browne
Jacen B.
04:35 28 Oct 23
Lots of fun. Very creative
Breiner Johan CM
Breiner Johan C.
23:54 20 Oct 23
Thanks to Dan for helping me with my cancelation really helpful I recommend 100%
Michelle Petrollini
Michelle P.
03:05 20 Oct 23
We played the shrine room. It was pretty good. When we needed help the guys were wonderful. Thanks for the great experience.
Rica Abalos
Rica A.
23:02 08 Oct 23
My boyfriend and I did the Dynamic Duo for his birthday and it was our first time doing an escape room but we had so much and the staff were amazing. We got help from the a couple times and they were so nice and encouraging. The customer service is top tier, the gentleman with short brown hair was absolutely amazing and a blast to talk to. Will come back for the other rooms !!
Slightly Cool Cube
Slightly Cool C.
23:33 30 Sep 23
The rooms are creative and fun, the staff are friendly and helpful. You can really tell they are having a great time.
02:47 30 Sep 23
great staff especially Loki, comfortable and positive experience well worth the trip
Shaun Morgan
Shaun M.
21:31 24 Sep 23
Orson Abbott
Orson A.
05:25 21 Sep 23
My wife decided arranged a family outing to Escape Ops as part of our birthday celebrations and we had no idea what to expect.However, the moment we walked in and was greeted by their friendly staff, the trepidation started to evaporate.Then, once we got into the escape room it was an absolute riot! We really got into solving the puzzles and making our escape!We where increasingly exhilarated with the more puzzles we solved until we made our escape!!We spent the rest of the night talking about the experience! This was definitely one of our most memorable family experiences and we will escape again!!!Thanks for a great evening to all the staff at Escape Ops and a special thanks to our guide for the evening !:⁠-⁠)
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