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Autumn Ames
Autumn A.
04:13 15 Mar 20
My family and I (a group of 8) came in for our very first escape room experience. The atmosphere is very cozy and welcoming when you first enter, the room we did was Cognition and it was a lot of fun and blew our minds a few times. 😀 They made us feel like masterminds when we finished the rooms. The staff were also so nice and friendly! "You ask and you shall receive." I'll leave it at that. 🙂 Totally check out this place if you get the chance!
Z Lo
Z L.
04:48 08 Mar 20
Best escape room I’ve been to. Highly recommend it!
Stephen Wu
Stephen W.
04:17 03 Mar 20
Going to lots of escape rooms I have to say Hands down this is the best escape room and had the most amazing service. Thank you
Kevin Y
Kevin Y
23:10 01 Mar 20
Fantastic experience here each time - we chose to come for my sister's birthday after having a lot of fun with Hyperspace, and absolutely loved Cognition as well. Definitely a very cleverly designed room! The best part is how the staff really cares that everyone is having fun - they keep track of your progress and give hints that are just enough to nudge you back on track. Can't wait to try the Dynamic Duo next time - thank you!
Madiha Aziz
Madiha A.
22:04 01 Mar 20
It was such a fun experience. We did the Ops cognition room - highly recommend!
Noelle Bacalso
Noelle B.
23:17 24 Feb 20
Great Escape Room experience! The set-up of the Cognition Room was really well done. We came with 4x 9-yr olds and the Staff was super accommodating to make sure they had a good time. Would definitely come here again!
Mike Pears
Mike P.
03:32 24 Feb 20
Chan Kim
Chan K.
01:50 23 Feb 20
We had our first escape room experience and it was amazing. The staff lady was very kind and helpful and we were able to finish Dynamic Duo on time! Would highly recommend.
Shawn Whiteford
Shawn W.
21:47 20 Feb 20
Mikey D
Mikey D
23:14 18 Feb 20
What a great experience. We were warmly greeted and showed where our escape room was. After a brief orientation we were led to our escape room. It was the one specifically built for two people, and the one that you must work together to finish. Very cool experience and we finished with only one hint. You can really tell that the owners and staff are escape room junkies themselves and it shows. Will be back to try out the other rooms!!
Jaime Wagner
Jaime W.
04:29 18 Feb 20
Ops: Cognition was absolutely amazing (favourite escape room to date)!! It was so unique and rewarding. The customer service was outstanding and they went above and beyond to ensure we had a good experience. I will definitely be back to try all the rooms!
Sydney Nakonechni
Sydney N.
04:25 18 Feb 20
By far the best escape room I have been to! The staff are incredibly friendly and they even let us stay late to finish our room. 100% recommend this place. It was amazing
Jacob Johnson
Jacob J.
22:45 09 Feb 20
Ravish Dhall
Ravish D.
07:48 06 Feb 20
Rachel Ogilvie
Rachel O.
05:22 02 Feb 20
My husband and I tried the Dynamic Duo room for our date night and had an amazing time! We even managed to solve it just a few minutes shy of the hour time limit. Would recommend, lots of fun!
Cam McKay
Cam M.
02:10 26 Jan 20
Lindsay Lehr
Lindsay L.
22:11 25 Jan 20
I've been to 30+ escape rooms, and Escape Ops was totally unique! On top of the great puzzles and amazingly detailed rooms, Dan was so nice and personable! He took the time to talk to us, explain things to us, and even give us feedback on how we moved through the rooms! He made us feel really good about ourselves and that we were a smart group (even if we weren't!) They are very flexible and accommodating, as well, which was really appreciated for our diverse group of friends! 10/10!
Basement Builders
Basement B.
05:04 18 Jan 20
Really awesome staff. They really put a lot of thought into the rooms. We had a great time !!
Michelle Friesen
Michelle F.
20:43 17 Jan 20
I love this place! My boyfriend and I went here for a date night last night. I must say, I was really impressed with the entire experience. When we first walked in, we were first greeted by really funky decor and then by Timothy, who I might add was extremely welcoming and professional. He brought us back to our mission, gave us a quick tutorial... and then the clock began! I must say that of all of the escapes rooms I have completed, this one was the most thoughtful one. I was really impressed with all of the attention to every little detail, and the complexity of the interactive puzzles. We ran out of time before we completed the assigned mission, but we were given a few extra minutes to finish because we were so close to finishing! I recommend this place to everyone, including couples looking for a great date night. Our mission was really specifically made for two people and centred around working together to complete puzzles. I look forward to going back with a larger group to try the other larger missions Escape Ops offers. Thanks guys for a great time!
dylan burnside
dylan B.
17:18 14 Jan 20
The design and engineering of Ops: Cognition was unlike anything I've ever experienced! Highly recommended!!
genna burnside
genna B.
02:48 14 Jan 20
Ria B
Ria B
01:47 08 Jan 20
We did the Dynamic Duo (2p game) and we really enjoyed it!! This was our 1st couple game, but 3rd escape room experience. When we arrived, the host was really nice and gave us brief overview of the rules. Puzzles were challenging but do-able, overall intermediate level. It was definitely well designed for 2 players. As we look back on the puzzles, they flowed really well and it made sense. It would have been nice if there was a timer in the room (if I didnt notice) for added stress-effect, but that's just me lol. However, we did manage to finish and we got to take awesome victory pics.Overall: Will definitely recommend this for couples as a fun date!!!
Kailey Frid
Kailey F.
16:57 06 Jan 20
The puzzles and rooms were very well done. We did Cognition and the puzzles were challenging and yet solvable. Loved how there was a challenge round if you passed the initial round in less than 30 mins! There was no one after us and we appreciated the extra few minutes to complete our puzzle and finish the room! Staff was very nice and obviously took pride in their rooms 🙂
Lyndsey Hannigan
Lyndsey H.
22:53 28 Dec 19
Phenomenal experience from front to back. Great staff, great puzzles, challenging room experience. Loved it!!
Tom Are
Tom A.
03:47 15 Dec 19
Holy sh!t. I will be back!The two person escape room is exquisitely designed. Tough puzzles, but also very reasonable. The puzzles and thematic inspiration is genius, especially if you're into super heroes. Crazy quality when it comes to craftsmanship. thank you! 😊
Emily Martin
Emily M.
06:00 12 Dec 19
Super unique rooms! I did the dynamic duo and it was a lot of fun with very creative puzzles doe two. Highly recommend it.
Carly Silver
Carly S.
03:24 08 Dec 19
The Dynamic Duo room is fantastic!
Sabrina Brost
Sabrina B.
04:46 01 Dec 19
Exceptional. Best puzzles in town
Mariya Siddiqui
Mariya S.
04:06 21 Nov 19
Kiyomi Gibney
Kiyomi G.
16:08 14 Nov 19
Rina Guillermo
Rina G.
22:06 09 Nov 19
Nikki Stordy
Nikki S.
03:23 27 Oct 19
My husband and I just had the best date night! We did the Dynamic Duo escape room and although we didn't finish in time, they let us have a few more minutes and helped us bypass a challenge and let us do the last puzzle. It was so much fun! We will definitely be back. The guys helping us out were also so kind and you can tell they love their job!
Damien Wong
Damien W.
22:37 25 Oct 19
First, I would like to express that it has been a delightful experience to watch the growth of the company from the early days of only having “Ops Cognition” to the present day with 3 themes. Just yesterday my buddy and I have just finished their Escape Room game roster, ending with the “Dynamic Duo”. Each time we go, we question what new innovate element the game designer has set out for players. As well I do enjoy the conversations with the friendly staff after game. My friend and I do appreciate how much effort and attention to detail has been exerted to each Escape Room theme. Progressively it just keeps getting better and better, definitely sets a nice quality standard for newer Escape Room in Calgary. Quality is clearly reflected as one friend in our group (a certain escape room enthusiast) still won’t stop talking about how great “Hyperspace” was for a space adventure even weeks after. Best wishes to you Dan and your team all the best. Hope to see you again for your next game!
KaraLee Verbonac
KaraLee V.
23:08 24 Oct 19
ken jensen
ken J.
05:21 23 Oct 19
If I could give less than 1 star I would. Did the cognition room. Terrible waste of space in the first room, math oriented and non sense puzzles in the second, empty and boring in the third. Then, at the end of the game, the staff comes in and opens the lock for you and tells you that you've won - what? But heres the best part. To finish the room they demand you pay another $30 for the challenge room which is really just the end of the actual game. Crazy. All these people giving 5 stars must be friends of the owners. Speak up people - this places is a solid 2.5 not 5
Mohamed Hassan
Mohamed H.
05:06 20 Oct 19
It was a really fun experience! It was my first time, and the employees there were super nice!
E Fung
E F.
20:48 11 Oct 19
Gord Robertson
Gord R.
19:29 29 Sep 19
As a family of escape room enthusiasts, we have done 40 rooms in three cities. We just completed Cognition at Escape Ops in Calgary, and it deserves a 5 star rating! What a unique experience, unlike any other escape room you will do... An imaginative concept and design, brain challenging puzzles, top notch decor, and an interesting blend of tech and traditional. The staff was friendly and engaging, and it is immediately apparent that the owners take pride in what they put forth. If you like escape rooms, and want to try something truly different, this is the place!
Megan Daniels
Megan D.
21:23 17 Sep 19
It was our first time trying anything like this. The staff was very friendly and helpful and we had a great experience. Just the right level of challenge, well thought out, we will definitely be back!
David Clarkson
David C.
19:32 13 Sep 19
Did the Dynamic Duo. Well planned and executed. Challenging and fun.
Devin T
Devin T
00:14 07 Sep 19
nick s
nick s
23:28 04 Sep 19
Good place! This was my first time going to an escape room. The staff were very friendly and accommodating. Everything seemed very well thought out and we had a good time.
Mohammed El
Mohammed E.
00:10 03 Sep 19
Johanne Reago
Johanne R.
01:08 26 Aug 19
Josh McConnell
Josh M.
01:22 25 Aug 19
Stephen Joseph
Stephen J.
00:26 18 Aug 19
Kelso 002
Kelso 0.
03:00 17 Aug 19
Great escape room. There is a lot of thought put into these rooms. We will be back.
Taylor Doiron
Taylor D.
00:23 15 Aug 19
Staff was super friendly. Gave us some extra time when we got hooked up on a few puzzles.The rooms themselves seem pretty good quality compared to some of the other places I've been, and all of them managed to be interesting without relying on an easy horror trope.Still have to go back and do their last room, looking forward to it!
Luminous Soul
Luminous S.
00:11 13 Aug 19
Chi Chau
Chi C.
15:48 09 Aug 19
Been to many escape rooms before and this one was recommended by a friend. We were able to challenge the bonus room, and I would have to say everything about escape ops was top notch!
Lily Chau
Lily C.
02:23 09 Aug 19
I've done 10+ escape rooms and Escape Ops has been the best escape room experience I've had! The rooms are decently difficult and beautifully designed. The staff were wonderful and a delight to talk to. I would recommend this escape room location to all escape room lovers!
Keiran Chrapko
Keiran C.
18:11 06 Aug 19
I am not an escape room junky by any means but I have done my fair share of them and this is by far one of the best ones I have done. The rooms are well thought out well made and challenging but like other posters have said not challenging to the point of frustration. Staff are friendly and accommodating. If you enjoy escape rooms these guys are an absolute must.
mike molyneux
mike M.
03:53 04 Aug 19
Julie Olive
Julie O.
20:06 01 Aug 19
Played the Dynamic Duo room. Super super fun, challenging, but achievable! Also have the most helpful and friendly staff.
Diana Au
Diana A.
05:14 23 Jul 19
This was our first time doing an escape room type game and the owners were so nice that they let us go over time to let us enjoy the experience of completing a room. We did the Dynamic Duo and Ops cognition.
Jaydyn MacKenzie
Jaydyn M.
05:31 21 Jul 19
This is hands down the best escape room place I have ever been. My girlfriend and I did the Duo's room and although unable to complete it within the allotted time (due to our own doing - hiding/ignoring our clues) we were given some extra time to finish it off. The staff here is incredible, the "room" (you'll see it is way more than that for the Duo's) was very creative and a good challenge, and it's the perfect amount of nerdy for someone who appreciates movies and gaming. 10/10 - would recommend this to anyone.
Michael Paul
Michael P.
04:19 17 Jul 19
Just an incredible room. We did hyperspace and it was hands down one of the best rooms we have ever done!!
Cady Clausen
Cady C.
20:35 13 Jul 19
Love this place! My group and I keep going back for more! Staff is also super helpful and so nice. Definitely recommend to anyone who loves a challenging escape room!
Jacob Parten
Jacob P.
17:18 13 Jul 19
Absolutely loved this experience! The people there are very personable and friendly the moment we walked in. I’ve done a few escape rooms and this was definitely the best by far. It was fun, entertaining and definitely challenging as well! I would totally come back and try the other rooms they have as well!
Chris Dering
Chris D.
17:04 13 Jul 19
Awesome experience, the staff and owner are all amazingly friendly. The rooms are incredibly well designed and a lot of thought has gone into creating them. Definitely recommend!
Florence Lam
Florence L.
21:02 12 Jul 19
We really love the unique and high quality escape experiences at Escape Ops. We have completed the Hyperspace and Dynamic Duo challenges. The rooms were well thought out and fun to play. The puzzles were challenging but never frustrating. The owners are friendly and personable. It is clear they are passionate about creating amazing escape room experiences. Our family did a challenge to see who would complete the Dynamic Duo the fastest, and the owners were very supportive of our competition. We highly recommend people to come here!
06:41 06 Jul 19
This was my first time ever doing an escape room and I loved it! Escape Ops has smart challenging rooms -super fun! A great night out!
Jamie Welsh
Jamie W.
18:07 23 Jun 19
Always very impressive rooms.
Becx A.
Becx A.
03:14 21 Jun 19
Amazing experience for a new group! There tons of options for all levels of rooms. We had a group of 7 and did "Cognition". We managed to finish 52 minutes in. If you can do it within 30 mins you can try and challenge the very hard hidden room! I'd recommend Escape Ops for people of all escape room ability, their rooms are awesome and we're definitely going to come back!
Jensen Nock
Jensen N.
19:15 20 Jun 19
Sawyer Redpath
Sawyer R.
03:44 20 Jun 19
I have gone with 2 different groups twice here: first the inception themed room, then the dynamic duo room. Both were fantastic! I love escape rooms and have done a lot, Escape Ops has some great logic to their rooms, very clever. I left with a great sense of satisfaction and had a great time both times. The staff are excellent and so friendly. Really one of my favourite escape room places I have been.
Crystal Trieu
Crystal T.
06:23 13 Jun 19
This was our first time at Escape Ops and we decided to do two rooms back to back: Dynamic Duo and then Cognition. Both were fantastic! The puzzles, decor, and spaces are very creative and beautifully crafted. Many escape rooms allow a minimum of two people, but that does not mean that two people are needed to accomplish a task. What stood out with Dynamic Duo is that their puzzles are tailored to demand the efforts of two people simultaneously but differently which is so clever. Cognition is also great - we don't want to share any spoilers so we will just leave it at how wowed we were during this experience from how aesthetic the room was, and like Dynamic Duo, the creativity and cleverness of the spaces. A few elements of this room totally bent our minds!!Our host Timothy was also super friendly, and provided feedback at the end as to how we did, which is a nice touch because it made the experience so much more personal. We will be back to attempt the other rooms!
T. Collins
T. C.
06:04 04 Jun 19
One of the best escape rooms in the city!
sai liu
sai L.
23:03 27 May 19
Vincent Patalinghug
Vincent P.
06:11 17 May 19
Very friendly staff! I've done around 30 rooms and Hyperspace is one of the best rooms I've done!
Stephen Garo
Stephen G.
04:25 17 May 19
Awesome time and great puzzles! The staff are friendly! I am going to recommend this place to all my friends.
Kimberly Ho
Kimberly H.
04:24 17 May 19
Having grown up with Danny, I was really excited to see Escape Ops. We were not disappointed, it was really fun and a great group activity. The puzzles are well done and it is exciting when you solve them. Would come back 🙂
Caroline Ho
Caroline H.
04:24 17 May 19
It was a great experience with our friends with great atmosphere. Loved the staff and owner, would recommend to everyone of all skill level.
Bootslai Saragoza
Bootslai S.
04:23 17 May 19
susan xD
susan X.
04:21 17 May 19
Taylor Boyden
Taylor B.
23:34 16 May 19
Had a fantastic time at Escape Ops. The rooms are so interesting and the puzzles are super unique. I would easily say this is the best Escape Room I’ve been to in the city. Would highly recommend to everyone and I will definitely be going back!
Kris Coke
Kris C.
22:36 16 May 19
Had a fantastic experience, the puzzles were unique and challenging (but do-able), and the aesthetics were phenomenal. Never seen anything like what they attempted/created. Definitely want to go back and experience their other rooms!!!
James Mok
James M.
23:39 13 May 19
Arnold Ambler
Arnold A.
03:20 13 May 19
Anna-Jean Enmil
Anna-Jean E.
19:06 08 May 19
Would highly recommend Escape Ops. The experience is fantastic and you can tell all the work and passion that was put into creating the rooms. The puzzles are perfect for any experience level and Hyperspace is great for large groups. Can't wait to see what they do next!
Sinjin Clifton
Sinjin C.
21:40 05 May 19
The creator (Dan) of this place clearly made Escape Ops out of a passion for the people who do the puzzles, rather than as a get rich quick scheme. The rooms are fantastically built and have enough puzzles to keep all the members of your group occupied at the same time. Hyperspace really gives you the feeling of being in a spaceship. If you like the show "Firefly", this room is a must!! Cognition is the second room, and has some interesting twists that I haven't seen in other escape rooms yet. Can you make it to the challenge room?!?
15:47 05 May 19
Had a great time with my co-workers here! Excited for the 2 person room to be finished so I can come give it a try with my hubby.
Anne R
Anne R
23:49 04 May 19
13:52 04 May 19
My friend recommended me this place during my Ottawa to Calgary business trip ,This is not your typical escape room! Amazing puzzles , Dan the man put up a great storyline! I wish I could given it more stars . Definitely a top 5 things must do in Calgary !! Look forward to come back my next visit , lock me up again :D!!
Ryan Hoeve
Ryan H.
00:11 03 May 19
Trevin Wong
Trevin W.
18:06 01 May 19
The five star reviews here are not just for show. Our group did the Hyperspace room and it's obvious how much thought was put into it. I've done at least over 20 escape rooms and this one was definitely at the top of my list.Why? The difficulty of the room was just right. We finished the room with only 5 minutes left to go, so the room was neither too challenging nor too easy. This can be attributed to the many puzzles of varying complexities that both beginners and veterans will find fun to solve. These puzzles were not only of appropriate difficulty but also very well integrated into the theme - the many doodads and props scattered around the room made it feel like a real spaceship, and often had many details that you had to pay close attention to in order to solve a puzzle. Another crucial yet often under-looked element of escape rooms is their linearity - this one was very non-linear, which was great. We had two to three groups of people working on a different puzzle at any given time. Everyone had something to do at all times, which is important because it is often quite boring to stand around bottlenecked at a single puzzle.The owner was also incredibly nice and provided great service. You could tell he was monitoring our visit in a very careful way so as to provide us the best experience - some examples include asking us a few questions at the start and giving us a few tips to ease us into the room and set our expectations, giving us a small nudge to overcome some timing issues for a puzzle that we had basically understood how to solve (just to avoid execution error frustration), and finally giving us some fun insight as to how long we took on our puzzles and what we did especially fast in comparison to other groups.Overall, a really great experience. Definitely would come back again. This place won't disappoint escape room junkies.
lap le
lap L.
17:54 01 May 19
Not your average escape room. The majority of us were first-timers and the game we were recommended was structured in a way that was great for all experience levels. Love the vibe and they also sell geeky art!
Rachel W
Rachel W
03:57 01 May 19
Actually one of the best experiences. would definitely recommened for veterans or new people!!! truly amazing!!!
Rem U
Rem U
03:52 01 May 19
Great first escape room experience. Puzzles were challenging but not impossible. 10/10 would reccomend.
Daniel West
Daniel W.
03:50 01 May 19
Very fun experience. Good challenge and would definitely come back again.
Randal Bobandal
Randal B.
03:50 01 May 19
So much fun!
kirk yuan
kirk Y.
00:24 01 May 19
The room Hyperspace was crafted with excellence. Love my time here!
Logan Keshavarz
Logan K.
00:17 01 May 19
Definitely a unique escape room experience! We did their Hyperspace room and there is a heavy use of electronics that help the immersion. The owner ended up being the one who helped us and he was very kind and excited to have us. Definitely the best room I've been in while in Calgary, and I want to go back to try their second room! We went because of how highly rated they were and it's absolutely good.
Kurstyn MacLellan
Kurstyn M.
16:25 30 Apr 19
Brought in work team and had a blast! Very unique room, challenging but fun. Thanks, Dan!
mona amiri
mona A.
04:17 27 Apr 19
This place is crazy! Really enjoyed the hyperspace room! Ran out of time "cooperating" with the fam but we sure will be back to get to the finish line!!! 😃😃😃😃
Sarah A
Sarah A
04:16 27 Apr 19
Went to escape ops today with the family, we did hyperspace and it was amazing, great for a family night out, or even a bussiness trip. Taught us how to work with eachother and how horrible we are at getting along and figuring out stuff together! Great family bonding time, will be back soon 🙂
Mohammad Amiri
Mohammad A.
04:16 27 Apr 19
I would highly recommend escape ops, hyperspace was really enjoyable for me and my friends. DAN was a an amazing host who made the experience 10 times better with his energy and enthusiasm.
fayez kordi
fayez K.
04:14 27 Apr 19
Great Place, will definitely do it again. Great for corporate events
Mohamed Charanek
Mohamed C.
04:14 27 Apr 19
Awesome experience. Lots of fun for a night out. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a good time.
Samar Amiri
Samar A.
04:14 27 Apr 19
This place is awesome! Taught me to work with my younger siblings LOL can't wait to get back and finish our mission.
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