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Take a look at what people have to say about our Calgary escape rooms. Find out why we are one of the top rated escape room venues in the world.

Slightly Cool Cube
Slightly Cool C.
23:33 30 Sep 23
The rooms are creative and fun, the staff are friendly and helpful. You can really tell they are having a great time.
02:47 30 Sep 23
great staff especially Loki, comfortable and positive experience well worth the trip
Shaun Morgan
Shaun M.
21:31 24 Sep 23
Orson Abbott
Orson A.
05:25 21 Sep 23
My wife decided arranged a family outing to Escape Ops as part of our birthday celebrations and we had no idea what to expect.However, the moment we walked in and was greeted by their friendly staff, the trepidation started to evaporate.Then, once we got into the escape room it was an absolute riot! We really got into solving the puzzles and making our escape!We where increasingly exhilarated with the more puzzles we solved until we made our escape!!We spent the rest of the night talking about the experience! This was definitely one of our most memorable family experiences and we will escape again!!!Thanks for a great evening to all the staff at Escape Ops and a special thanks to our guide for the evening !:⁠-⁠)
Christie Orr-Brown
Christie O.
20:06 18 Sep 23
Fantastic time! Dynamic duo was the perfect date night. The owner is clearly enthusiastic about his business and about making sure guests have fun. Highly recommend!
Matt Glover
Matt G.
21:30 09 Sep 23
Took my 9 year old to the dynamic duo room. It was challenging for him but also marvel themed and he loved it. Definitely good for 9+ if you have a kid who likes puzzles. The staff were AMAZING and helped us a couple of times get past some hurdles. Very team focused room where you need to communicate and work together. Really fun and would definitely go back! Maybe for the Zelda themed room!
Andrew Gautron
Andrew G.
17:33 09 Sep 23
I just want to say we had an absolute blast yesterday with the Dynamic Duo room. It was extremely well balanced, and tons of fun, definitely recommend!
02:10 24 Aug 23
We did the "Shrine"- AWESOME escape room! Incredible puzzles, cool staging and great staff. Definitely one of the very best escape experiences in the 15+ rooms we've completed. If you love escape rooms, don't miss Escape Ops!
Taylor Thiesen
Taylor T.
00:33 24 Aug 23
Tori Guderyan
Tori G.
03:26 16 Aug 23
Excellent experience from beginning to end. The staff were so friendly and welcoming. We did the "OPS Cognition" room. There was something for everyone to do, including my 8yr old. The room has some locks but mostly puzzles which I LOVE. My son really wanted a Pokémon that they sell there but I said no as we had spent so much money on the entire trip.. they gave one to him for free. Such great people, they even gave us a few Xtra mins to finish.
Matthew Morris
Matthew M.
21:10 12 Aug 23
My wife and I did the Dynamic Duo two-person escape room for our 11th anniversary, and it was a blast! It was my first physical escape room experience, and my wife's second. The puzzles were challenging but not impossible - we completed it with less than a minute to spare! But the greatest part of the room was the two-person nature of most of the puzzles - we both had to be actively engaged and work together to finish in time. The staff was excellent - I would highly recommend this to new and seasoned escape room couples!
Sam Wasserman
Sam W.
17:33 06 Aug 23
Best escape room experience we've ever had. We've played several rooms here and each one was fantastic with well thought out puzzles. Staff were helpful and genuine.
Daniel B
Daniel B
03:47 06 Aug 23
My fiance and I did the dynamic duo room and loved it. The puzzles are fun and varied, and it is obvious that a ton of thought and passion went into the room! Would love to try the other rooms if we're ever back in Calgary!
Cody Sager
Cody S.
02:50 24 Jul 23
Our group had an amazing experience here with JJ and Zeke! They never broke character, and they were extremely helpful. They definitely made the challenging experience more delightful! Will definitely come back to do the other rooms.
Kayden Steeves
Kayden S.
23:38 19 Jul 23
Dan and the rest of the team at Escape Ops are wonderful! Worked with me to facilitate proposing to my now fiancé during one of their rooms. Rooms have been super fun and both times I have gone, everyone in our friend group had a great time!
Gary Stinnett
Gary S.
21:50 13 Jul 23
My wife and I did their newest room Shrine and had a great time! It is a great room for two experienced players! The people were the best. I wish is was local so that we could go back and do the rest of the rooms.
Suki Yip
Suki Y.
14:19 11 Jul 23
The staff here are very friendly and they even have a pet dog at the front desk. We had a great experience doing the two person escape room and would definitely recommend it!
Mr. Pickles
Mr. P.
19:04 05 Jul 23
Really fun room, just very limited tech wise and aesthetic wise. Recommend for a fun outing, specifically if you care more about puzzles than story.
Ishan Gupta
Ishan G.
22:32 01 Jul 23
My wife and I tried a few rooms and enjoyed them all! A lot of creative puzzles, interesting premises and beautifully crafted room designs. Would highly recommend! Gamemasters were delightful and very helpful!
Ainsleigh Toth
Ainsleigh T.
14:22 17 Jun 23
My partner and I completed the duo escape room. It was soooo much fun, we were thinking, laughing and having the best time. I highly recommend if you’re looking for a different activity. We can wait to try out some of the group rooms!
Harbir Kaur
Harbir K.
04:05 16 Jun 23
So friendly and fun! The staff was so incredibly friendly and helped us at exactly the right times. And it’s the only escape room in Canada that can accommodate just 2 people so it’s a great hangout with a buddy 🙂 Thank you for such a fun time!
Michele Meijndert
Michele M.
01:44 28 May 23
Fantastic escape room! My daughter and I did the Dynamic Duo room and the puzzles were of a good variety and made us think and work together as a team. We really enjoyed it! The entire facility is super clean and we were very impressed by the staff and their positive attitudes and helpfulness. We definitely will be back. Thanks for a fun afternoon!
Yoana Tchinkova
Yoana T.
00:36 23 May 23
My boyfriend and I did the dynamic duo escape room and it was tons of fun! Really fun and creative puzzles. Great place felt very clean, organized, and well managed. Staff there was super friendly. Awesome experience I would recommend to anyone!
James Bartsch
James B.
04:38 21 May 23
Was a really great time and the whole family was talking about it for hours. The staff was very friendly and passionate. We completed the hyperspace room just going slightly over the time limit and they let us finish the last puzzle. It was very thrilling and will definitely be back to try another room.
Thomas Bielert
Thomas B.
00:44 20 May 23
Such a great escape room experience, the room was well crafted, the puzzles were challenging but left no 'what do I do now' moments.The production value was excellent and the staff were friendly and welcoming! Would highly recommend this company for any and all escape room adventures in Calgary!
Rebecca Longpre
Rebecca L.
03:53 02 May 23
Dan the man is great! What a good time!
Daniel Jansen
Daniel J.
19:25 29 Apr 23
Amanda Mauthe
Amanda M.
15:22 29 Apr 23
Loved the dynamic duo escape room. Perfect way to spend a date night and so much fun! The staff go out of their way to make you feel welcomed, and it’s just a great overall experience!!
Nathanael Eckstein
Nathanael E.
17:43 27 Apr 23
Would highly recommend Dynamic Duo!
Robyn Pagenkopf
Robyn P.
16:44 25 Apr 23
Did the Dynamic Duo room with my date last night and was very pleased, will definitely be checking out more rooms here! This was my first time at Escape Ops and while it wasn't quite as high-tech/flashy or story heavy (this particular room at least) as some I've been to, the puzzles were solidly fun and challenging, and the incredibly warm and friendly customer experience more than makes up for a few bells and whistles. I did not catch the names of the people working last night, but they were awesome! The unique concept and required teamwork aspect of Dynamic Duo was really great too.My number one "yes!" for this place is that it is extremely welcoming for LGBTQ+ people; gender inclusive bathroom facilities, we were asked about pronouns, and so on, which as a queer couple, we really appreciated. It's so refreshing to feel so seen and accepted in a general "public" space like this.
Rachel Sali
Rachel S.
01:26 21 Apr 23
Literally the best escape room I've ever been to. Fantastic staff, very friendly, room was set up impeccably. If you're on the fence, do it. Go to this escape room company. Seriously. You won't regret it.
Daddy LongBombs
Daddy L.
01:11 14 Apr 23
I got trapped in one of the walls for roughly 15 minutes. Luckily, I ended up getting out by going back through the same way I got in. Would go again, but would avoid hollowed walls.
Forrest Ferguson
Forrest F.
01:07 14 Apr 23
I was interconnected from the space room and the shrine room during construction period and found my way into the walls of the building, it was fun hallucinating to the new construction fumes.
Lilly Brown
Lilly B.
01:07 14 Apr 23
I am stuck in the wall 😬
Michelle Sayani
Michelle S.
01:06 14 Apr 23
Can't seem to find my way out of this wall! Help...
Kristen Seymore
Kristen S.
01:05 14 Apr 23
I’m in the walls
nikki holt
nikki H.
03:15 26 Mar 23
Our group booked 2 rooms back to back, Hyperspace and Shrine. I didn't catch the name of our game master but all of the staff were amazing including Loki the office dog. Both rooms were well done, everyone in the group had something to work on. Shrine really did justice for Zelda fans with nice little touches and throwbacks. Our group will be returning to complete the other room and the 2 person room.
03:04 24 Mar 23
We completed "The Shrine" this evening and had a fantastic time. It was challenging, but not so challenging we got overly frustrated, and when we did ask for a hint, it was provided enthusiastically and completely sans judgement by our charming host. The puzzles were innovative, the themed details in the room made it all the more fun, and the staff members were really friendly and extremely pleasant. It was a truly enjoyable experience and we can't wait to go back to try another room!
Ryan McNulty
Ryan M.
13:24 23 Mar 23
My wife and I chose to visit Escape Ops because it’s the only place that facilitates a 2 person escape room. As soon as we arrived we were greeted by Dan who helped us run the game and walk us through everything. We ended up completing the room and have to say our experience was a 10/10. The room was challenging yet fun and we could tell Dan had a passion for his work and enjoyed what he did. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a fun activity and especially if you’re a couple looking for some date night plans!
Marcus Block
Marcus B.
17:02 18 Mar 23
The rooms are all very well written and put together and are alot of fun to try and solve. The staff are also very positive and fun to be around.
16:30 22 Feb 23
The owner at the place was so kind to us! I went in as a group of three and did hyperspace. The room was extremely throughout, super cool mechanics and overall amazing theme! The room we booked was actually for a larger group but we were able to complete it after a bit of extra time. Super great place and probably one of my favourites!
Melissandre Genuis
Melissandre G.
20:56 19 Feb 23
Cailyn Cottrill
Cailyn C.
01:41 19 Feb 23
Staff was amazing and made my friends first time at an escape room super enjoyableDynamic duo was probably one of the coolest escape room I’ve doneThanks again!
Kole Kuntz
Kole K.
19:24 14 Feb 23
Easily the best escape rooms in Calgary. We have been to over a dozen similar places in Calgary and this is our favourite. Amazing, immersive staff, well thought out intricate rooms. Will complete every room they have for sure.
Tanya Rezoff
Tanya R.
04:16 05 Feb 23
Friendly, fun and knowledgeable staff!! Yes JJ was awesome!! The Dynamic Duo was very clever and super fun!! Thank you to you all!! Cheers Tanya and Chris!
Andrew Boechler
Andrew B.
22:07 29 Jan 23
Friendly staff, fun room.
Chris Stewart
Chris S.
20:22 18 Jan 23
The rooms at Escape Ops are some of my favorite in the city. Whenever someone asks for a recommendation they are on the my list. The puzzles are well designed, and diverse. The production value on Shrine is especially impressive. I can't wait for them to design another room.
Danielle N
Danielle N
22:42 14 Jan 23
Amazing facility, professionally run with enthusiastic hosts. Impressive puzzles and excellent story telling! My husband and I had a great time! I would definitely recommend this for a date night, corporate function or a night out with friends.
22:01 09 Jan 23
Great experience with Escape Ops! Dan is super helpful, welcoming, friendly, and fun! We can tell that he is passionate about making the experience memorable! They made us feel welcomed and encouraged us to have fun - we definitely did! The atmosphere is also amazing and we can’t wait to be back again! ☺️ (October 2021)Update (January 2023): my friends and I went back and did two more of their rooms! We were definitely blown away because of how well everything was put together.Zeke and JJ were there to help us and their energies and sense of humour are awesome!!! We had lots of fun with them as well! 😂
Joanne PH
Joanne P.
05:21 30 Dec 22
Excellent 👍 Staff are amazing
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