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Take a look at what people have to say about our Calgary escape rooms. Find out why we are one of the top rated escape room venues in the world.

Heather McGrath
Heather M.
17:00 13 Jun 22
Our family has done all of the rooms here, and we have loved them all! They rooms are well thought out, have fun and interesting puzzles, with unique and amazing design! The staff is so enthusiastic and helpful, and they really help add to the fun and excitement of the expierence.We highly recommend this escape room expierence!
Carmel Gagnon
Carmel G.
01:51 30 May 22
The most welcoming and friendliest staff, clean and inviting venue and amazing room! The Dynamic Duo room is made specifically for 2 people and it does not dissapoint, so much fun with just the perfect amount of difficulty.We will definitely be back for more!
Ev F
Ev F
00:53 23 May 22
TLDR; Creative, thematic, challenging yet rewarding. One of, if not THE best escape room location in the city - I've tried almost all of them.The staff are really friendly and welcoming, you can tell they love the rooms and the effort put in is really gratifying.Not only are the rooms thematic and fun, with relevant decorating, the puzzles themselves are very creative.The puzzles are always tied into the theme of the overall room, and are unique and engaging. We've all done puzzles that seem out of place or really generic "find the code" or "search the room" puzzles. You won't find that here.They are constantly improving and adding new rooms. I've played every room currently available and I would honestly recommend all of them. Difficulty is challenging but rewarding, but even if you're newer you can have a great time.Booking and payment are quite straightforward on the website. Overall a guaranteed enjoyable experience every time I've been. I's worth the trip.
Dustin Bugera
Dustin B.
04:06 20 May 22
My group did the Shrine escape room, and what a great overall experience! The puzzles, sounds, props, were all put together so well, and gave a really good nostalgic feeling. The staff was very friendly, both greeting us at the door, and helping us with our clues in a way that still made it a fun and challenging experience! I cant wait to get back and try some of the other rooms.
Frank Mucciacito
Frank M.
17:08 18 May 22
Our family of 8 went to do this escape room for the first time not knowing what to expect?All I can say is we had a great time and a lot of fun, highly recommended!
Emily Mucciacito
Emily M.
00:01 16 May 22
A resounding 5 stars! 11/10 experience with my family. The room was complex and exhilarating. Great for all levels. Wonderful staff and ownership. We will be back!
Barry Hart
Barry H.
23:33 14 May 22
Colten Bishop
Colten B.
04:10 15 Apr 22
Escape Ops was a great experience! I've completed a ton of escape rooms and this is among the tippy top of my favorites list!
Rebecca Morse
Rebecca M.
18:57 11 Apr 22
Amazing experience! I’ve done a lot of escape rooms in the city and this was by far one of the best! It was the perfect challenge for the group. Some great surprises that we weren’t expecting added to the experience. Can’t wait to come back to try the other rooms!
Joseph Shin
Joseph S.
06:09 09 Apr 22
I've done multiple escape rooms before and I must say this one was my favourite room so far. The puzzles weren't too challenging, I love how it was more of brain twist puzzels than just puzzels that just doesn't make sense even after you know the solution. We had so much fun, will definitely be back to try the other rooms! The staff were also incredibly friendly and accommodating. Highly recommend for other people!
05:54 27 Mar 22
Literally just finished our first escape room. Amazing theme, amazing puzzles, amazing staff!It definitely lived up to the 5 star rating on Google! Can't wait to go again.
Janice Huang
Janice H.
21:10 13 Mar 22
Our first time back at escape rooms since COVID and we thoroughly enjoyed it. The staff were extremely friendly. We tried the room Shrine between two people and thought the puzzles were great and well thought out. Extremely appreciated that none of the puzzles required opening locks. I’d rate the puzzles a good level of difficulty that kept us on our toes but had good flow. Will be back!
Kolby Janzen
Kolby J.
15:33 11 Mar 22
Dynamic Duo was extremely fun! Recommend to anyone that wants to tray an escape room. Uniquely made room, and awesome puzzles through the whole process. Will be coming back to complete the other rooms. Great place!
Justin Ma
Justin M.
23:25 26 Feb 22
At the time of this posting, I have done all four of the escape rooms and they are all amazing. The owners really care about making sure the players have a wonderful experience and it shows. The rooms and clues are unique, themed, and a ton of fun.The escape rooms here are top-notch for Calgary and I highly recommend them. As well, they have a two-person escape room which is novel and appreciated since it wouldn't command the same revenue compared to a larger room.
Gavin Sandal
Gavin S.
06:54 22 Feb 22
Daniel J
Daniel J
22:30 15 Feb 22
Enjoyed the shrine room, friendly staff.
Mary Haasdyk
Mary H.
16:41 15 Feb 22
Dynamic Duo was a super great experience - we loved doing it. Unique room and puzzles, and Dan was a great host. Would certainly recommend.
Jessica Grove
Jessica G.
20:34 12 Feb 22
The Dynamic Duo escape room was awesome. Not too easy, not too hard and it is only for two people. Perfect for date night. We had a blast. The clues and tasks flowed so nicely. The staff was really nice and I can’t wait to go back again. We have been to three other escape rooms with two other company and this is by far my favorite! Thanks for making date night so much fun.
Dale Dionisio (wulras)
Dale Dionisio (.
01:11 06 Feb 22
Chantel D
Chantel D
00:47 04 Feb 22
We were here for a work fun day. We played Hyperspace and it was absolutely awesome. They put alot of work into it. After the game the staff member came up stairs and told us what we did right, and where we might have gone wrong and explained their thinking when creating the game. We really enjoyed the extra time he spent with us. Would recommend. 🙂
Rheuben Meyers
Rheuben M.
00:08 25 Jan 22
We did the Dynamic Duo room. It was fantastic. Very well thought out and we loved that so many of the puzzles required teamwork to complete. Highly recommended.
Kate Ellis
Kate E.
04:08 21 Jan 22
Jacqueline Eaton
Jacqueline E.
08:05 31 Dec 21
Absolutely love Escape Ops! Their rooms are incredibly well thought out and the staff are super friendly. I've done dozens of escape rooms across the country and it is obvious at Escape Ops that they care about the experience you are getting and not just a bottom line. Will definitely be back!
02:46 28 Dec 21
Michael Wiens
Michael W.
19:17 13 Dec 21
19:23 27 Nov 21
This place was absolutely wonderful and I think it's my favorite escape room I've ever gone to. The guy at the main desk was super nice and funny. The room was AMAZING and the design was phenomenal.
Erslan Salman
Erslan S.
03:32 27 Nov 21
Casey Plettell
Casey P.
05:50 15 Nov 21
Mitchell Canham
Mitchell C.
02:28 14 Nov 21
01:58 30 Oct 21
Victoria Norris
Victoria N.
17:02 22 Oct 21
We tried Escape Ops for the first time last night, and it was fantastic! We did the Dynamic Duo room for date night and had a blast. The room is perfectly designed for two people. The puzzles weren't too challenging, but they kept us busy and definitely required team work and communication. We had so much fun - will definitely be back to try the other rooms! The staff were also incredibly friendly and accommodating. Highly recommend!
Mark Nelson
Mark N.
05:57 19 Oct 21
Really fun experience and the guy running the place was genuinely wonderful and clearly passionate about his job. We're coming back soon to so the new Zelda room and we're very excited!Edit* we did the Zelda room and it was super fun. I broke a prop accidentally and the owner was super understanding. Really nice guy.
Aria Bamford
Aria B.
05:15 17 Oct 21
Daryl Garton
Daryl G.
20:58 16 Oct 21
Sunny Sangha
Sunny S.
21:45 11 Oct 21
This is by far, bar none, the absolute best escape room I've ever played. I've done countless escape rooms over the last 10 years and I've never played rooms that were so well done. You can tell how much thought went into all their rooms, puzzles and themes. I can't say enough good things but when you have the creators of The Last of Us play at this place, that's enough said.
02:18 09 Oct 21
Great experience with Escape Ops! Dan is super helpful, welcoming, friendly, and fun! We can tell that he is passionate about making the experience memorable! They made us feel welcomed and encouraged us to have fun - we definitely did! The atmosphere is also amazing and we can’t wait to be back again! ☺️
Denise C
Denise C
20:58 02 Oct 21
01:30 26 Sep 21
We did the Dynamic Duo and it was very cool. The theme was a nice surprise. I would highly recommend trying this one. We will definitely be back to try more of the rooms. The artwork on the walls is very nice too.
Anish Avasthi
Anish A.
02:27 11 Sep 21
Cassandra Lipnicki
Cassandra L.
16:39 10 Sep 21
We've now been twice, and have loved both experiences. The rooms are so well thought out and so much fun to do. The second time, we brought our kids for their first escape room, and they couldn't stop raving about it. I would highly recommend these rooms both to beginners and experts. We will definitely be back to do the other 2 rooms as well!
Brendyn Visser
Brendyn V.
06:15 05 Sep 21
Awesome experience, really enjoyable time. No complaints.
Simone Kumar
Simone K.
18:50 30 Aug 21
Saying that Escape Ops is one of the most brilliantly designed escape rooms in Calgary is an understatement. I have played all 4 of their games and each one is so unique with their puzzles and aesthetics! My personal favourites are Cognition and Hyperspace. Their customer service is top notch and I will be recommending this place to all of my friends!
John Nguyen
John N.
01:27 30 Aug 21
Go here, you wont regret it. so much fun and so creatively and well designed.
Wayne C
Wayne C
20:00 29 Aug 21
Dan has done a phenomenal job with his escape rooms. My friends and I have tried all four rooms at Escape Ops (my personal favorite is Hyperspace). His energy is infectious and his passion is inspiring. Get out there and check out his escape rooms whether you're a beginner (I recommend Ops Cognition) or an escape room enthusiast. 10 stars out of 5!
Eric Hanson
Eric H.
00:21 24 Aug 21
Absolutely wonderful escape rooms. Did The Shrine a week ago and loved it so much I went back with my gf and did dynamic duo. Incredibly well thought out puzzles. Kind and helpful staff. Highly recommend coming here! Loved every second of it 🙂
Darren Witt
Darren W.
19:17 23 Aug 21
Aug 2021: As a family, we have done over 30 escape rooms and the ones at Escape Ops rank AT. THE. TOP. They are clearly a labour of love and are challenging but intuitive and satisfying. There are currently 4 rooms available, and each is a unique experience worth your time - you won't feel like you are at any other escape room here. They have crafted something different at Escape Ops! The owner/operators are enthusiastic and dedicated - this DEFINITELY added to our overall experience. ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND to anyone visiting Calgary (and if you are an escape room enthusiast - absolutely recommend a special trip to Calgary specifically to check them out!)Would give more stars if i could!
Zoe E
Zoe E
22:58 21 Aug 21
We did the dynamic duo it both of our first times with an escape room and it was so much fun! It was perfectly designed to ignite some serious teamwork and problem solving I think I might have just given myself a new addiction
20:58 21 Aug 21
My friends and I have been slowly working our way through multiple escape rooms. The 4 escape rooms Dan has created are by far our favourite. Each room has something that works for our thought process and skills. Excellent scenery and production value. Smart puzzles. Overall a great experience.
22:29 20 Aug 21
We went to 2 rooms. The Ops room and the Dynamic Duo room. Both were super fun, although the Dynamic duo experience is very unique and I highly recommend it. 👌
20:23 12 Aug 21
Dan is the man, if you can - make it in your plan for an amazing escape room experience.I got to meet Dan and Emily after playing Ops Cognition and you can tell they put their all into the facility.Dynamic Duo is next on my list!
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