Why You Should Choose Escape Ops


Our Rooms are Built from Scratch

For starters, most escape rooms in Calgary did not start with a blank canvas. These businesses would have inherited their facilities and as such, would be limited to the pre-constructed space barring any major renovation projects. By starting from nothing, we have the advantage of drawing up a blueprint that fits our creative vision, and the end result is an unprecedented level of immersion in our escape rooms.


Authentic Gaming Atmosphere

Nothing can break the sense of immersion faster than out-of-place objects or props. We believe that any props or tools used in the aid of exploring our scenario should feel like it can realistically exist in the same space or narrative. There are many creative ways to design puzzles for a room and simply slapping common locks on everything that needs to be opened is too easy! We like to think outside the box and make sure we can justify everything placed into our scenarios.


Genuinely Passionate Team

Let’s face it, there are businesses out there simply trying to “catch the wave” so to speak. From day one, we set out to build a legacy for Escape Ops. That meant taking the time to develop something different and awe-inspiring when you first enter the scenario. Behind the brand, you will find an owner who has played these games in and outside of Canada, and has learned much about what separates a top tier establishment from a pretender. We also love what we do and take immense pride in creating and sharing an exceptional experience.


Lastly, our reviews speak for themselves. We have over 50 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor, and 97 5-star reviews on Google!

It’s time we stopped talking, let us prove to you that we are the right choice by booking a game with us. Then you can brag to your friends and family that you were the latest to play in the best escape room in Calgary!