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A clue or challenge you would find in an escape room in North East Calgary, Alberta.

Yes, There are Still People Who Don’t Know about Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are a fun social experience, but how do you explain this activity to a friend or colleague who has never participated before? Don’t waste your energy on it, because we have it covered in a new article that you can present to all those poor souls who are missing out.

What is an Escape Room?

An escape room is a live-action activity in which participants compete against the clock to solve puzzles to advance the game to completion.

Am I ‘really’ locked in a room?

There is a common misconception that this means players are locked in until they complete their objectives, and that is not the case. For safety purposes, there will always be an accessible way to exit the room in the case of an emergency or even a mid-game bathroom break.

How do you finish an escape room?

To complete a game, players will have to interact with the environment to find clues or items that will help them solve puzzles, or remove obstructions from their next objective. Aside from possibly moving the odd piece of furniture or relocating props, much of the heavy lifting is done with your mind.

This is where all the fun comes in. Through the exploration of these scenarios, it will unveil the different strengths of you and your party, such as the keen ability to decipher codes or the creativity to think outside the box. Only through a unified effort will you succeed in the challenges that lie ahead.

Escape Rooms are a Family-Friendly Affair

Escape rooms with mature themes do exist, but for the most part, there’s an even higher number of scenarios which are suitable for all ages. If you don’t care for the ambient terror of a haunted cabin, you can choose to lose yourself in the void of outer space, or even explore the depths of an ancient temple.

At Escape Ops, one of our goals is to find that sweet spot in the difficulty curve so that everyone can enjoy the game regardless of experience level, or the generation you grew up in. One of the best things about participating with a group is that the moment you find yourself struggling, other team members have their time to shine.

We are ready to put you to the test, so assemble your friends and family for the premier puzzle experience and book with Escape Ops!

But if you’re sitting there wondering why you should choose us over our competitors, we invite you to read on a little more to find out why we are the best escape room in Calgary.