Escape Ops

November 2020 update

It is an extremely challenging time for small businesses and Escape Ops is no exception. The situation continues to evolve and we do our best to adapt and respond to those changes. With the ongoing battle against COVID-19, we want to update and build upon our previous post which can be found here. *We have also updated this post as of November 25th alongside the recently released information by the Alberta government.

let's work together

Much like our previous post, Escape Ops continues to operate with reduced staff and game availability. The majority of slots on weekdays are “call to book” so we can do our best to ensure groups are not overlapping in the lobby areas and works great when everyone arrives in their designated entry window which is 10 – 15 minutes before the start time. We’ve added reminders at the beginning of the booking process and in all of our reminder/confirmation emails. *Our schedule will be modified further in response to the recent news. Bookings are still private and all participants should be of the same household.

In accordance with the city of Calgary’s bylaw 26M2020 masks are required when entering our building and we will have our masks on at all times when interacting with our customers. We have fantastic hand sanitizer from Rocky Mountain Soap Company in our lobby for everyone to use and our games are cleaned between each run with medical grade sanitizer. If you are feeling unwell or cannot wear a mask, we recommend not booking with us as this time as we are doing our best to address the safety of everyone and keeping our doors open.

Thank you!

A big thank you to everyone who has played a game at Escape Ops. Whether you’ve played 1 or all the games! With any creative endeavor it can be a roller coaster of emotions! I’ve had the privilege of running most of the games and meeting a bunch of awesome people. I am truly grateful for all the kind words of support and love for Escape Ops whether it be in a review (yes I read them all) or during a post-game conversation. Continue spreading kindness!

There is still a little 2020 left to go, stay strong everyone! Thank you!