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Date Night Ideas Calgary: Escape Room

Looking for a unique and memorable date night idea in Calgary? Skip the typical dinner and movie to try something truly different – an escape room! At Escape Ops in Calgary, you and your date can work together in an interactive escape room to solve puzzles, find clues, and escape before time runs out.

What’s more, Escape Ops has the only 2-person escape room in Calgary, Dynamic Duo,  making it the perfect choice for a romantic date. Or with three other unique and challenging escape rooms to choose from, you can pick the one that best fits your evening, whether it’s a double date or a group date with friends. Not only will you have a great time, but you’ll also improve your communication and teamwork skills as you work together to solve the puzzles and escape the room.

Choose Your Escape Room That Fits Your Date Needs

Dynamic Duo (2 Player)

Whether it’s your first date or a night away from the kids this 2-player, immersive escape game, perfect for a date night in Calgary.

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Ops Cognition (4-8 Players)

A mind-bending game that is awe-inspiring from start to finish.

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Hyperspace (5-9 Players)

This futuristic game design is inspired by the sci-fi movies Star Wars and Serenity, and sets the perfect stage for an immersive escape game experience.

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Shrine (2-6 Players)

Our love letter to one of the most beloved video game franchises in the world. Shrine includes the best elements/mechanics from all the games we’ve designed previously and you do not need any prior knowledge of the theme to be able to play or enjoy it.

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Why not try something new and exciting for your next date night in Calgary? Book an escape room adventure at Escape Ops and discover the fun, the challenges, and the insights that come with working together to solve a mystery and escape the room.